Wendy Cartwright

President of We Are Woman


Wendy Cartwright is President and Co-founder of the women’s advocacy non-profit organization, We Are Woman.

We Are Woman was created in 2012 in response to the onslaught of anti-woman legislation brought forth on federal and state levels. The organization’s mission is to enshrine the Equal Rights Amendment in to the United States Constitution, working with coalitions in support of women’s issues such as domestic abuse, reproductive rights and providing education about the importance of voting.

Ms. Cartwright has been an activist for many years working with grassroots groups as well as Planned Parenthood, the Occupy movement, Awake Tampa, the Democratic party and various committees within the Democratic party. In addition, she has worked on issues including re-districting in Florida, participated in a White House Community Partnership Summit in 2012, worked on home ownership issues, ACA/Obamacare, women’s issues, and has lobbied on behalf of women’s rights and education.

Ms. Cartwright worked for several years in the Supervisor of Elections office for the 4th largest county in Florida with over 1.2 million citizens. She is very passionate about voting and has worked on numerous campaigns for GOTV, works to educate voters and has worked in polling locations. She has worked on local, state and federal political campaigns and believes it is critical to get more women in office at all levels.

Currently, she is working on a local race as well as a federal campaign – both for women. She believes strongly that no one should be afraid to stand up for his or her rights and beliefs and that it is our responsibility to fight this fight for both the women who came before us, and the next generation.