• Watch this with an open mind and let go of the things you thought you knew.

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  • “Profound. I was moved to tears several times. This film is a call to action. It needs to be
    seen. It will change the world.”

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  • A movie that will shock you.

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  • Essential viewing for all Americans!

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  • “The overwhelming truth of the mistreatment of women must be stopped.”

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  • Inspirational and heartbreaking at the same time.

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  • “It’s enlightening, fascinating, infuriating, inspiring and extremely important.”

    female (53)
  • A moving overview of the scope and depth of gender inequality in America

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  • This film shows people how unfair the world and the law is to women.

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  • “We need to bring awareness to our society. You must see this film!”

    male (50s)
  • “I would recommend this film to others because many people in the world (especially in America) aren’t aware of what is going on.”

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