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The Gender Pay Gap

Percentage of women in the U.S. workforce: 49.4
Number of women employed in the U.S: 69,901,000
Bureau of Labor (Table B-5, p. 34)
Bureau of Labor (Household survey Table A-1)
National Journal

Percentage of minimum wage workers who are women: 62.8 %
Bureau of Labor (Table 10)

Number of women in Fortune 500 CEOs in 1995: 0
in 2014: 24
Pew Research Center

Number of women among the 200 highest paid CEOs: 13
Equilar Executive Compensation Survey/ New York Times

Number of hours each year that women do unpaid labor raising children and taking care of sick and elderly: 110, 000,000
The Shriver Report
For Love and Money: Care Provision in the United States edited by Nancy Folbre, Russell Sage Foundation (2012) p. 98

Percentage that women earned compared to white men, based on median annual full-time earnings:
White women: 78
African American women: 64
Latina: 54
American Association of University Women
Harvard Business Review

The percentage of major occupations for which women earn less than men: 99.6
U.S. Department of Labor

Percentage of nurses that are men: 10
Cents on the dollar that female nurses get paid versus male nurses: 90
American Medical Journal
Institute for Women’s Policy Research

Cents on the dollar that waitresses get paid versus waiters: 89
Institute for Women’s Policy Research

Cents on the dollar that female secretaries get paid versus male secretaries: 84.5
Institute for Women’s Policy Research
Money CNN

Cents on the dollar that female lawyers get paid versus male lawyers: 83
Bureau of Labor

Cents on the dollar that female mangers get paid versus male manager: 81
Institute for Women’s Policy Research
: The Gender WAGE GAP:2014

Cents on the dollar that female doctors get paid versus male doctors: 63

Cents on the dollar that women in sales jobs get paid versus men in sales jobs: 62
Institute for Women’s Policy Research

Cents on the dollar that female CEOS get paid versus male CEOS: 80
Institute for Women’s Policy Research
Think Progress

The year that women will achieve equal pay if changes in women’s wages continue at current rate: 2059
Institute for Women’s Policy Research

Number of women in the U.S.: 161,000,000
Percentage women make up in U.S. population: 51%

U.S. Census Bureau

Number of women in U.S. Senate: 20 out of 100 seats (20 percent)
Number of women in House: 84 of 435 seats (19.3 percent)

Rutgers University

The year women will have an equal share of seats in Congress if elected to office at the current rate: 2117
Institute of Women’s Policy Research

Percentage of state and federal judges who are women: 33
Americas Quarterly

Percentage of college presidents who are women: 26
American Council of Education

Percentage military commissioned officers who are women: 16
Percentage of military generals or admirals who are women: 7

Pew Research Center

Percentage of U.S. mayors who are women: 17
U.S. Conference of Mayors

Percentage of CEOS who are women: 5.2.
Washington Post

Percentage of pastors: 12
Faith Communities Today Survey

Number of Wal-Mart employees in the U.S: 1,400,000
Wal-Mart Fact Sheet

Gross Sales in 2014 for Wal-Mart: $473 000,000,000
Wal-Mart 2014 Annual Report

Average hourly wage of Wal-Mart employee in 2014: $8.48
Wall Street Journal

Average dollar amount that female employees at Wal-Mart earn less than male employees annually: $1,100
Statistical Analysis Of Gender Patterns In Wal-Mart Workforce

Percentage of Wal-Mart’s hourly workforce that is female: Two thirds
Percentage of managerial workforce that’s female: One third

Statistical Analysis of Gender Patterns in Wal-Mart Workforce

Percentage of women directors, writers, producers, executive producers, editors, and cinematographers working on the top 250 (domestic) grossing films in 1998: 17
in 2014: 17

Center for the Study of Women in Television and Film, San Diego State University

Percentage of female lead protagonists in the top 100 grossing films of 2014: 12
Percentage of speaking roles for women in the top 100 grossing films of 2014: 30

Center for the Study of Women in Television and Film, San Diego State University

The Law

Percentage of Americans who believe the Constitution should guarantee equal rights for women: 96
Percentage of Americans who believe the Constitution already does guarantee equal rights: 72
Survey conducted by Opinion Research Corporation for the Equal Rights Amendment CampaignFortune

Number of states required to pass the Equal Rights Amendment: 38
Number of states that ratified ERA in first year 1972–1973: 30
Number of states that ratified ERA by deadline in 1982: 35
Which States Ratified the ERA in the First Year

International Women’s Rights

Number of countries that have not ratified The Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW): 7 – Sudan, South Sudan, Somalia, Iran, Palau, Tonga, United States
CEDAW 2015

Number of victims of female genital mutilations worldwide: 130,000,000
UN Women

Number of child brides around the world: 64,000,000
UN Women

Number of women who live in countries where domestic violence is not a crime: 600,000,000
United Nations

Female Poverty

Number of women currently living in poverty, or on the brink, in the U.S.: 42,000,000
Number of children dependent upon these women: 28,000,000
The Shriver Report 

Country where the gap in poverty rates between men and women is wider than anywhere in the Western world: United States
Center for American Progress
The Journal for Sociology and Social Welfare

Domestic Violence

Number of women killed each day by intimate partner: 3
National Network to End Domestic Violence

Percentage of increase in risk that a domestic violence situation will end in homicide if a gun is present: 500
American Journal of Public Health

Number of U.S. troops killed from 2001 to 2012 in Afghanistan: 2,002
Number of women, in the same period, killed as the result of domestic violence in the U.S.: 11,766


Number of women turned away from domestic violence programs in a single day in September 2013 due to budget cuts: 9,641
Of those turned away from shelters, percentage that wound up living on the streets or in their cars: 40
The percentage who returned to their abusers: 60
National Network to End Domestic Violence

Annual cost of domestic violence in U.S.: $5.8 billion
Center for Disease Control

Percentage of women convicted of homicide who acted in self defense against an abuser: up to 80

Rape & Sexual Assault

Out of 100 rapes, how many will be reported: 32
How many will lead to arrest: 7
How many will result in felony convictions for rapist: 2

How many rapists will serve prison time: 2
Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network

Number of universities and colleges under federal investigation for failing to protect students from sexual assault: 147 (as of Nov 2015)
U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights

Percentage rise in victim reports of sexual assaults in the military from 2012–2013: 53
The Department of Defense Fiscal Year 2014 Annual Report on Sexual Assault in the Military

Pregnancy Discrimination

Number of women who become pregnant in the United States each year: 6,000,000
Guttmacher Institute
Statistic Brain Research Institute

Number of developed countries that don’t require paid maternity leave: 1 — The United States
A Better Balance
Pew Research Center
World Policy Center

Percentage of soon-to-be new mothers in U.S.  who are not eligible for unpaid maternity leave under Family and Medical Leave Act: 80
National Partnership for Women and Families

Percentage of working mothers with children at home: 70
Bureau of Labor

Percentage of women who are sole or primary provider in households with children: 40
Pew Research Center
The New York Times

Percentage a woman’s salary decreases, on average, for each child she has:  4
Percentage a man’s salary increases, on average, for each child he has: 6
The New York Times
The Fatherhood Bonus and the Motherhood Penalty

Percentage of women who do not qualify for leave under FMLA: 40
Center for Economic and Policy Research

Reproductive Healthcare

Number of states that require waiting period before purchasing a gun: 11
Number of states that require waiting period before an abortion: 28
Guttmacher Institute

Percentage of U.S. women who have used birth control: 99
Guttmacher Institute

Number of states in 2014 that introduced legislative provisions to limit women’s access to reproductive health care: 38
Guttmacher Institute

Foster Care & Child Sex Trafficking

Number of children in foster care in America: 400,000
Children’s Bureau, Office of the Administration for Children and Families
Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute

Estimated earnings a pimp can make annually prostituting one child: $150,000–$200,000

Female Incarceration

Percentage of women convicted of homicide who acted in self defense against an abuser: up to 80

Percentage of increase in the numbers of women in federal and state prison between 1980 and 2010: 646
The Sentencing Project

Number of states that allow pregnant inmates to be shackled during labor and delivery: 37

Percentage girls make up of all juvenile arrests for running away: 59
of juvenile prostitution arrests: 69

Princeton University

Percentage of incarcerated girls who have been exposed to physical, emotional or sexual abuse: 92
Princeton University